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Targeted Quality Mentoring Program

The willingness to learn.  The power to change.  The knowledge to improve.

NVP Software Testing is the only company in the Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing industry to offer the Targeted Quality Mentoring Program.  This program was designed by Quality professionals for Quality professionals. 

List of components:Hours
1 x Onsite / Offsite Q&A Session 2 hours
2 x 30 Minute Phone Calls 1 hour
1 x Full Day Assessment 5 hours onsite
1 x Assessment Report with Presentation 5 hours
1 x Training Session (1 of 4 Topics) 8 hours

Total - 21 hours

Explanation of Components

Q&A Session

A senior consultant will host a Q&A session for members of a Quality Assurance and/or Software Testing team or department. There is no limit to the number of participants. The session can be held at the participating company’s facility or at an offsite facility. The sessions are meant to maintain anonymity. All questions are submitted into a box before the session begins and are answered randomly.

30 Minute Phone Calls

A senior consultant will discuss any Software Testing or Quality Assurance related issue with a member of the participating company’s QA team. The caller can ask some questions or present a challenging problem that the team is facing or discuss any other topic that he or she wishes. It is in the person’s best interest to use this time to tap into the vast experience and knowledge of NVP’s senior consultants.

Full Day Assessment

The full day assessment is an extension of the ½ day assessment. One or two senior consultants from NVP will hold confidential meetings with personnel from QA, Development, Operations, and the Business.

The goal of the assessment is for NVP to provide a bird’s eye view and critical analysis of your existing Quality processes and initiatives. NVP will provide recommendations that are realistic and are more than band-aid fixes.

This report can be used to implement solutions to problems, make incremental improvements, help position the QA department within an organization, or simply to prove core competencies. There is no obligation to enlist NVP’s services beyond the assessment for any recommendations made.

Assessment Report with Presentation

Following the assessment, NVP will return with a detailed report and a presentation in order to explain our findings and facilitate any questions that might arise.

Training Session

The training session can include 1 of 4 available topics that are designed to enhance your team’s Software Testing and Quality Assurance knowledge and skills. The training session is one full day (or can be tailored to fit schedules) and includes the instructors’ prep time and any minor adjustments for customization. All training sessions are interactive, interesting, fun, and informative.

Request Information

For information on pricing please make a request for information or give us a call.